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The Whitespace
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Adventures in Meta. All RP pups, from any game, are welcome!
For all the things that just wouldn't happen elsewhere. Go crazy, have fun, watch out for the tentacle monster under the couch. (S/he's friendly if bribed with food!)

Just to clarify, this place is for roleplaying in community posts, not posting RP logs, which you can do on your own journal, or in a comm like pup_said_what.


Da Rules

1. Anything that happens here, stays here. - Anything that happens here is in the whitespace, or meta as some people call it. Nothing that happens here affects anything in-game. This is just a place for goofing off. It's a bit like dear_mun in that the pups are generally aware of the fourth wall, and muns, and plot, etc. Or maybe you just want to play out a scene as it would have really happened... whatever floats your boat!

2. Respect your fellow muns. - This may be a place for goofing off, but please don't be rude. If someone labels a post as only for certain people, don't barge in. (If you don't label it as such, it's assumed to be open to anyone who wants to play.) There will be no wanking here, or OOC nastiness, or the mod shall summon the ninja on you. Don't make me do it.

3. All roleplay pups are welcome. - Most of us here are from the likes of nft_nexus, sages_of_chaos, and dear_multiverse, but if you're brave enough to jump in from other games, more power to ya! You're more than welcome. <3 Also, we have a lot of anime/manga characters, but don't let that discourage you from bringing in people from any book/movie/game/original universe/whatever that you like. In the same vein, duplicates of characters that are already floating around? AUs? Totally fine. The more, the merrier.

4. Follow all LJ's rules. (Please to not be getting my comm banned, thank you.) - Also, if your post involves anything NSFW (not safe for work/school), F-lock it to the comm, label it as such, and put it behind a cut. If it's in the comments, put a warning on the post.


Okay, I think that's all. If you have any questions or whatnot, my AIM is BeautyTokito, and feedback/questions can be left here. Don't worry, I won't bite.)